1. What Will Be

From the recordings Off The Vine and What Will Be

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Vocals - Jesse Williams
Guitar - Jesse Williams
Bass - Dylan Cornell
Keys - Anthony Dixon
Drums - David Williams

Music and lyrics - Jesse Mariah Williams
Recording - Randy Michael at InCrowd Recording
Mastering - Ian Sefchick at Capital Records
Co-produced by: Jesse Williams & Randy Michael


“What Will Be”

I’ve been swimming round in my bed, searching for you there
Darlin where are you tonight, where is your head
And how far away, is it for you?

For you, to have half a mind
To, hear me out
And darlin, I’ve got all night
To figure this thick thing out

Lately days just pass my eyes
And nights fly on by
And oh it’s so good, to see you livin tall
I myself stay,

Stay treading the fall, of my fears
Oh how, I feel free
And darlin let’s give up this fight and let it be
That’s where you’ll find, what’s meant to be
Will be
What will be
Will be


What’s meant to be, will be
This kinda thing don’t ever leave ya